Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Veterinarians diagnose and control animal diseases, treat sick and injured animals, prevent the transmission of animal diseases (zoonoses) to people, and advise owners on proper care of pets and livestock. They ensure a safe food supply by maintaining the health of food animals. Veterinarians are also involved in wildlife preservation and conservation and public health of the human population. 

Today's veterinarians are members of an important health profession. In taking the veterinarian's oath, a doctor solemnly swears to use his or her scientific knowledge and skills "for the benefit of society, through the protection of animal health, the relief of animal suffering, the conservation of animal resources, the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge." 

The new generation veterinarians are professionally active all over the world. They provide a wide variety of services in private clinical practice, teaching, research, government service, public health, military service, private industry, and other areas.

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